About Us


At Raspberry Fields Farm, we believe in gathering around a table, enjoying good food, and partaking in thought-provoking conversations. When you're at the table, nothing else matters except for the people around you and the moments you share.


In 2007, we became inspired by the meaningful family time spent at the dinner table each night. These gatherings provided opportunities for conversation, connection, and laughter while enjoying a delicious meal. We wanted to create something that channeled those ideals, so we began our journey with a recipe for artisan small-batch granola. 

The former summer kitchen in our 1860s Victorian home became a commercial kitchen – affectionately known as the "Granolary." New raspberry plants adorned the property and provided delicious, fresh fruit.

The momentum began to build. Adam's Fairacre Farms was the first major local store to stock the product. Dozens of calls to Whole Foods Market led to a rollout in their tri-state region locations.

Even as business began to take off, the focus remained the same: family, home, and a desire to provide a nourishing and delicious experience. A small but mighty team of family and friends worked behind the scenes to bake granola, label bags, and make deliveries. The granola created many wonderful connections, and the adoration for the product was evident in customer reviews and interactions. A loyal community of "Granolavores" was created!

While the granola continues to succeed, Raspberry Fields Farm has set its sights on a new endeavor. The stone barn on the homestead provided another opportunity to channel the values that inspired the brand's start. After renovations, it became a venue for micro-events (25 people or less) such as weddings, brunches, business retreats, and inspirational talks.

Whether with a bowl of granola at your dining room table or spending time at our 1860s homestead, we invite you to step out of routine and appreciate what matters most in life.

Welcome to Raspberry Fields Farm.